Fara Atlas Pars

Fast , accurate , reliable and safe trade



Fara Atlas Pars company has been established since 2011 by a group of top level business leaders in Iranian automotive sector.  Thanks to the high level of educations, more than decades of experience in business management and data driven mindset the company has achieved its goals in a sustainable growth path since its start.

After best practices in automotive consultancy and successful footprints in various projects the company has expanded its activities to international trading, financial services, brand and marketing consultancy.

Our company holds six exclusive distribution licenses, created three brands and successfully finished various projects for well known customers from various sectors in Iran and middle-east.

We look forward to reach to our financial goals, business expansion strategies and be socially responsible in corporate level.



International Trading

  1. Foreign trading communications and networking
  2. Acquiring official distribution licenses
  3. Sourcing services
  4. Market entry and international business consultancy
  5. Market research and business planning for international customers

Sales and Marketing Consultancy

  1. Market research
  2. Marketing planning and strategies
  3. Brand strategy planning and management
  4. Content and media consultancy
  5. Digital marketing consultancy
  6. Corporate identity consultancy
  7. Creative and Guerrilla marketing

Automotive Industry Consultancy

  1. Feasibility study and market research
  2. Running sales and after sales systems and networks
  3. Professional HR and training services
  4. Automotive manufacturing technology and after sales facility consultancy


Unti 1, No#41, Masoomi Alley, North Sheikh Bahaei ST, Molla Sadra ST, Tehran – Iran